Version 0.01: New Characters Appear

In the wake of a new day, new characters are here to start to liven up the development of ECHO. I am still a long....long....long.......long way away from having this game finished. Though it is a small project, for a very small device, (arduboy) it is an ambitious project with a lot of limitations, and that is exciting. 

Today I started off by making another character, his name is The Wiz and he will play a crucial role in the story of ECHO:

The Wiz is powerful, so powerful that I'm not quite sure what kind of character he will play. Is he an NPC? Is he a party member? Who knows, but he exists now and that is all that matters.

Paying homage to Earthbound a bit, I have a weird start soldier/octopus boss monster named the OcTo-GON that will play one of the middle bosses: 

This fearsome monster will attack the player with his tentacles, inflicting poison damage. He is made of metal and will be hard to hit, so equip a magic user and blast away.

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